Friday 10th November

Medusa will kick off with registration opening at 4:30pm. This is also a chance to meet some of the new people and catch up with old friends before the larping kicks off, as well as help us set dress the hall prior to games starting. There will be a light dinner at 6:00pm and Medusa officially opens at 7:30pm with the first muster. At 8:30pm, the first round of games will begin. Friday will wrap up no later than midnight.

Saturday 11th November

Breakfast will be available from 8:00am on site. The second round of games will start at 9:30am, all players and GMs will need to muster at the Muster Point (outside the hall) at 9:00am. The games will run until 1pm, at which point there will be a break for costume change and lunch. Lunch will be available on site. The third round is a short round, consisting a casual round of larp combat games will start at 2:30pm. This round comes to a finish at 4pm to allow the hall to be prepped for the Flagship. Dinner will be available at the start of the Flagship and is incorporated into the beginning of the game. Briefing for round four, the flagship round, will start at 5:30pm and the game proper will begin at 6pm. The evening, complete with debrief, is expected to wind up at midnight.

As noted, we will be set dressing the hall for the flagship from 4pm so would appreciate a few hands to help the task go quickly.

Sunday 12th November

Breakfast will be available from 8:30am on site.

At 9:30am, the Great cleanup larp will start, with all hands on deck to cleanup and leave site by 11am.

Timelines for players and facilitators

Key dates:

  • May - event pre-registration opens.
  • 28 August - game selection/signups opens.
  • 11 September - 1st round of game selections to be sent.
  • 25 September - expect GM responses and casting surveys out
  • 9 October - prelim casting and early game briefs out.
  • 23 October - confirmation of cast characters with at least costume detail. Excitement building through attendees.
  • 9 October - props and set dressing wishlists sent in by GM's where applicable.
  • DEADLINE 30 October - ideally solid character sheets sent to players (everything except on the night secret squirrel stuff)
  • 3 November- hype for characters and event growing more intense.
  • 10 November - game on.
  • 12 November - larpover begins

Apart from new registrations, I'd really like GM's to get AT LEAST a character and game pre-brief to participants with enough detail for costume and props needed by 23 October and no later than October 30.

Make that your goal for game completion.